3 Helpful Tips For Camping In The Rain

3 Helpful Tips For Camping In The Rain

The most important thing to remember when it comes to camping is that you should always come prepared. Even if you constantly check the weather forecast, it doesn’t guarantee a rain-free trip. Let’s face it, it’s not as fun to camp when it’s pouring outside, but it doesn’t mean that the enjoyment should stop!

Your trip will only be ruined if you don’t properly respond to the conditions at hand. So Camping in the rain here are 5 helpful tips for camping in the rain that you should practice:

Prepare Appropriate Clothing

When you’re preparing to head outdoors and the forecast says the weather will be bright and sunny, that doesn’t mean that you should only bring clothes for sunny weather. As mentioned, the weather outdoors is unpredictable so at the very least, bring a waterproof jacket, pants and boots. A rain poncho should always be included in your to-bring, too.

If you’re expecting rain, bring the abovementioned pieces of clothing, bring a wide-brimmed hat (it’s better to keep water off your face compared to a hood). It’s also ideal to pack layers of clothing (bring some extra in case you get wet!) and don’t forget an extra pair or two of socks!

Choose a good spot to set up camp

If you’re about to camp in the rain, it’s most ideal to pitch your tent on high ground. Keep in mind that water runs downhill and you don’t want to get all soaked while sleeping by setting up camp on the bottom of a hill. The norm would be to choose a flat surface but during rainy weather, it would be better to set up your campsite on slightly sloped terrain.

It would also help to lay a waterproof tarp on your tent floor to collect rainwater that will eventually pool under the tent. Don’t forget to waterproof your tent, beforehand, too!