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Atlanta is the capital, as well as the largest city of the US state of Georgia. A business hub, it plays host to the headquarters of Coca-Cola, CNN, Ford Motor vehicle and Lockheed aircraft assembly plants. A city such as this, buzzing with activity is bound to have a substantial real estate scene.

The real estate industry in the state of Georgia is very organized. Anyone aiming to earn a living from real estate needs to have earned his license from the concerned authorities. The license law pertaining to the real estate industry in Atlanta is administered by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

The first rung of the ladder is a real estate salesperson Real estate broker georgia license. The first and foremost requirement for this is that the applicant must be at least eighteen years of age. High school graduation or a GED is essential. All applicants are also required to submit a GCIC – Georgia Crime Information Report, which can be obtained from the local sheriff’s office or police department on the payment of $25 as fees. If the applicant has any legally binding social obligations like child support payments, he must take care to see that they are paid on time.

An additional educational requirement that a real estate salesperson needs to have been the completion of seventy five hours of an approved prelicensure real estate course. As an alternative to this, ten quarter hours or six semester hours of approved education courses at an accredited college or university may be considered.

The second rung of the ladder is the broker license or the associate broker license. Similar basic educational qualifications and legal requirements as for a salesperson are required for a broker too.

After passing the exam, license fees are to be paid to the concerned authorities. This fee amounting to $170 covers four years of licensing. The fee rates go up if the license is not applied for within three months of taking the exam.

Membership with organizations like National Association of Realtors and Association of Real Estate License Law Officials and the like can help strengthen careers in Real Estate.