Unwanted Pregnancy – How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

Unwanted Pregnancy – How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

Having an unwanted pregnancy when you are young can feel devastating. How are you expected to raise a child when it hasn’t been that long since you were a child yourself? The first option that many women consider is getting an abortion. But you may be surprised by how expensive an abortion can be.

– Getting an abortion in the first trimester generally costs between $300 to $600.
– During the second trimester, the abortion costs can go from around $500 up to a few thousand dollars (depending on the complications involved during the procedure).
– Abortion are rarely done in the trimester of pregnancy

Now I know these dollars figures might scare you even further. But there may be cytotec bogota

some good news. Many states in the U.S. have clinics that pay for a portion (sometimes even all) of your abortion costs. It’s best to check with your physician.

Once you have fully absorbed how expensive having an abortion can be, your next step should be to consider alternative solutions. If your pregnancy is in the very early stages, you may be able to get the morning after pill to terminate the pregnancy. Your doctor will be able to tell you if this is still a possible choice.

Another option can be to carry the child to full term and place it up for adoption upon its birth. There are many women who can’t have children of their own and are looking to adopt. They are not just looking to adopt, but desperate to. Giving your child to one of these women can turn a bad situation into the ultimate gift.

How much an abortion costs depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy. The further along you are, the more expensive the procedure will be. The morning after pill may be a cheaper option (but chances are its to late to be used). Adoption is a way to eliminate the costs of getting the pregnancy terminated, while also giving a beautiful gift to a woman who can’t be a mother naturally.

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