Vape Pen vs Joints: The Smokers Dilemma

Vape Pen vs Joints: The Smokers Dilemma


E cigs may be considered “uncool”, but the technology that creates vapes is not uncool. The technology can be used in conjunction with cannabis users to provide an alternative for those who don’t want to smoke marijuana in a joint. Some people don’t like the idea of smoking from a high-tech glowing straw. While rolling a joint is a popular option for many, it has proved to be quite effective for others. Vaping wholesale cbd vape can be used to smoke cannabis. One uses a lighter, while the other is powered by a USB port. Both will get you there high and happy.

Vape Pens

The future is now. It is also an option that is becoming more attractive to cannabis users. You can replace the e-liquids in e-cigs with cannabis oil in the cartridge, which follows the same process. Some brands allow users to grind the flowers and put it in the heating chamber. The heat will not burn it. This activates the main ingredient and does not damage the device. This is a geeky way to use marijuana. This technology is not difficult to understand, but it does mean that marijuana use was not intended for it. Vape pens have made it possible to use cannabis in unconventional ways.

Conventional Joints

This is how millions get high. It is safer than regular cigarettes because it is ground and rolled up with paper. Vaping or smoking joints is similar to asking someone if they prefer manual or automatic transmission vehicles. Everyone has their own opinions. Many prefer stick to stick transmission, but cannabis users can have the same opinion. Rolling joints don’t need batteries and won’t run out until you take your last puff. One puff will not be enough to charge the charger cable. However, assembling a joint can be difficult and some people find the saliva that is used to roll a joint irritating. However, it is not always easy. It all depends on what the individual prefers.

There are many options for vapers, but there is still much to learn. Due to the amount of attention these industries receive, there are many studies and investigations that need to be done to determine the long-term effects of vape pens as well as cannabis. The most appealing aspect of this relatively new technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity among many smokers, will be using a vape to get a small amount of cannabis in a convenient way.